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Russia – alien and contradictory?
Russian employees– volatile, seeking out authority? Implementing changes – tedious and stressful?

Through us you gain time and the security of enlightening insight!

The STIC team specialises in consulting companies active in CIS countries. Our main emphasis is focused on Russia.

You wish your company to have long term success in Russia. The effects of the economic and financial crisis seem to be managed for the moment but the process of modernising the country appears to be dragging its feet. To put it another way – only people can make the transformation! Professional expertise is simply not enough. However the concepts of “leadership, motivation and expertise” are culturally aligned and differ between Germany and Russia.

How do you experience the situation?

To what degree do your employees and management perform with cultural competence?  Are your culturally-combined teams optimally equipped for these times?  How well does communication function between your German headquarters and the Russian branch or with the joint venture?

We do not have a patented solution - nobody does - but we are brimming with ideas, have more than 25 years experience and a very well-stocked toolbox to give your involvement in Russia a sound future.

We will be delighted to advise you.

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